Why does the Torah mention only a few details about the travels? It mentions three days journey until Marah, the springs and date trees in Eilim, but not Matan Torah or Korach's rebellion!


Elef ha'Magen: Hashem took them out "b'Yad Moshe v'Aharon" (verse 1), in the merit of Torah (Moshe) and Avodah (Aharon); the details show that Torah is primary.


What is the significance of the three days until they came to Marah?


Elef ha'Magen: Refer to 33:8:151:1. In Shemos 5:22 it says they were three days without water, i.e. without Torah (Bava Kama 82a). Therefore, they received some Mitzvos at Marah. In Mitzrayim, they did not realize they are lacking Torah; now they started to thirst for Torah.

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