What was Moshe accusing Gad and Reuven of?


Rashi: He was accusing them of putting fear into the hearts of the other tribes, 1 who would think that they were afraid of crossing the Yarden to fight the Kena'anim.


Ramban (On Pasuk 2): He suspected them of a lack of Bitachon like their fathers, 2 as a result of which they were afraid of the Kena'anim and did not want to cross the Yarden. 3


Seforno (On Pasuk 6): 'Do you really think that your brothers will agree to cross the Yarden to conquer the land whilst you remain here? You know full-well from the previous generation how those who turned others away were punished!'


Even though they themselves were not necessarily afraid. 2. 2

Ramban: As the Meraglim said (13:31) "Lo Nuchal La'alos el ha'Am, ki Chazak Hu Mimenu!"


Ramban: And this in turn, would result in their having to remain in the desert a second time.

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