Are Ya'ir and Chavos Ya'ir the same as Ya'ir ha'Gil'adi and Chavos Ya'ir mentioned in Shoftim (10:4)?


Radak (10:4): This would be astounding. If so, Ya'ir was more than 300 years old 1 ! We can say that it is a different Ya'ir 2 , and Chavos Ya'ir are not the same cities. 3


Abarvenel (10:4): Shoftim discusses Ya'ir ben ha'Gil'adi; he is not Ya'ir ben Menasheh. However, we can say that they are the same Chavos Ya'ir; it does not say that Ya'ir ha'Gil'adi conquered them.


Metzudas David (Divrei ha'Yamim 1:2:23): They are not the same. Ya'ir ben Seguv (in Divrei ha'Yamim) called his cities Chavos Ya'ir, because he had the same name as Ya'ir ben Menasheh, and also many cities. Ya'ir ha'Gil'adi called his cities Chavos Ya'ir for the same reasons.


Yalkut Shimoni (Shoftim 3, 42) says that Ya'ir ha'Gil'adi from Chavos Ya'ir was from Shevet Menasheh. If the source to say so is the name 'ha'Gil'adi', why did he add 'from Chavos Ya'ir'? It seems that he holds that he is the same Ya'ir who conquered Chavos Ya'ir, which were in Menasheh's portion. However, it could be another support that he was from Menasheh, for he lived in Menasheh's portion (if they are the same Chavos Ya'ir. - PF)


If all the years of subjugation are included in the years of serenity, Ya'ir's reign ended 302 year after Yetzi'as Mitzrayim. However, Ibn Ezra (Bamidbar 32:41) learns from Divrei ha'Yamim 1:2:21, 22 that Ya'ir 'ben Menasheh' was the grandson of Machir ben Menasheh's daughter. If so, perhaps he was born in the Midbar, after Yetzi'as Mitzrayim. (PF)


One opinion in Bava Basra 121b says that Ya'ir ben Menasheh died in the battle against Ai.


Malbim: They were Chavos ha'Gil'ad. He called them Chavos Ya'ir, for he had a semblance of the strength of Ya'ir ben Menasheh. Kara Es always refers to the actual name. Kara followed by the prefix Lamed (or here, Lahem Yikre'u) is a nickname.


Are Ya'ir and Chavos Ya'ir the same as Ya'ir ben Seguv and his cities mentioned in Divrei ha'Yamim (1:2:22,23)?


Ibn Ezra: They are the same. He is called 'ben Menasheh', for he was the grandson of Machir ben Menasheh's daughter. Ramban

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