The firstborn were already sanctified in Egypt (See Shemos 13:2). Why were they only redeemed now?


Ramban: Because until now, bearing in mind that the Kohanim had not yet been appointed, there was nobody to whom to give the redemption. 1


Ramban: It seems that they were the ones to bring Korbanos, as the Gemara states in Zevachim, 112b (See also Rashi, Shemos 24:5).


Which firstborn is the Pasuk referring to? When were they born?


Ramban: It is referring to all the firstborn - both those born in Egypt 1 and those born in the desert. 2


Ramban: As it is unlikely for so many firstborn to have been born in the short time since they left Egypt.


Refer to 13:11:1 and 13:11:2**.


Which firstborn animals Bechoros did the animals of the Levi'im except from the Bechorah?


Rashi: They exempted the Pitrei Chamor (the lambs that Yisrael would otherwise have been obligated to give the Kohanim to redeem their firstborn donkeys). 1


Rashi: One lamb of a ben Levi was sufficient to redeem any amount of Pitrei Chamorim of a Yisrael. Proof of this lies in the fact that the Torah does not count the leftover lambs of Yisrael.

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