Why are there dots on "Aharon"?


Rashi: Because he was not counted together with the Levi'im. 1


See Torah Temimah. Per haps this is due to the fact that Aharon is on a par with Moshe (See Rashi, Shemos 6:26), and consequently, just as Chazal say that Moshe was equal to all of Yisrael, so too was Aharon equal to the all of Levi. See also Sifsei Chachamim.


Why does the Torah omit three hundred Levi'im from the total (Gershom, 7,500; K'has - 8,600; and Merari, 6,200), thereby enabling them to redeem the extra two hundred and seventy-three Bechoros?


Rashi (citing Bechoros, 5a): Because they were themselves firstborn, and it sufficed for them to release themselves from having to be redeemed.


Rashbam (on Pasuk 49): Because one firstborn cannot redeem another firstborn. 1


See Bechoros, 5a where the Gemara cites both of the reasons given by Rashi and the Rashbam.

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