Who was Yashuv? (He was not mentioned in Vayigash among those who went down to Egypt)!


Rashi: "Yashuv" is synonymous with "Yov", who is mentioned there. 1


See Sifsei Chachamim.


Seeing as, with the exception of Bnei Efrayim and Menasheh, only descendants of Ya'akov who were already born when they went down to Egypt were counted as separate families, why are Ard and Na'aman, sons of Bela ben Binyamin, listed here as families?


Rashi #1 (citing R. Moshe ha'Darshan) 1 : Because, although Ard and Na'aman 2 were born in Egypt, their mother was already pregnant with them when they left Kena'an. 3


Rashi #2: Bela had many children and grandchildren, all of whom were considered part of his family, with the exception of Ard and Na'aman, who had many offspring of their own, and who are therefore listed as independent families. 4


Ramban #1 (13): Ard and Na'aman sons of Binyamin, died without children, and Bela, wanting to perpetuate his brothers' names, called his sons after them, 5 and that is why they were counted as independent families.


Ramban #2 (13): The Ard and Na'aman listed in Vayigash were really sons of Bela, Binyanim's son, 6 as they are listed here. 7


Ramban #3 (13): The families are not limited to the 70 who went down to Egypt. It was customary to divide large families into smaller family groups and to appoint a head over each segment. 8 And that explains why many of those listed here were not listed in Vayigash


See Ramban, DH 'va'Ani Tamah alav '.


The namesakes of their uncles (Binyamin's sons).


They were twins.


Rashi: And the same applies to Menasheh's son Machir, whose son Gil'ad had many offspring of his own and who is therefore listed as an independent family.


Ramban: Perhaps even by means of Yibum

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