What are the implications of "Vayasem Davar be'Fiv", which is seemingly superfluous?


Rashi: When Bil'am heard that once again, he was not permitted to curse Yisrael, he considered not returning to Balak - to upset him; so Hashem placed a bridle and a hook in his mouth - like one does to an animal to lead it to wherever one wants it to go - and ordered him to return to Balak, whether he liked it or not.


Why does it say "va'Yikar Hashem", when above (in Pasuk 4), it says "va'Yikar Elokim"!


Moshav Zekenim: Now Bil'am was elevated to a prophecy in honor of Yisrael, with the Midah of mercy, with Hashem's great name that was revealed to Moshe. Until now, he heard Midas ha'Din (Elokim), and thought to find a sin to turn Hashem against Yisrael. This is why it says (24:1) "va'Yar Bil'am Ki Tov b'Einei Hashem Levarech."

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