What does the Pasuk mean when it states that the elders of Midyan and Mo'av brought 'sorcery' with them?


Rashi #1, Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan: It means literally that they brought with them various kinds of sorcery (or letters containing incantations


Seforno: See Yechezkel, 21:27.


Rashi: That is why, after he told them to stay overnight, they said there is no hope from him, and took their leave (See Pasuk 8, 14) and did not come back.



Rashi writes that if he consents, he has Mamash; if he stalls, there is no To'eles with him. When he told them to stay overnight, they said there is no Tikvah from him. What is the significance of these words?


Divrei Eliyahu: Moshe did not need any preparation for prophecy. When needed, he immediately asked Hashem. For Bil'am to overcome him, he must be greater, and not need to ask Hashem, rather, Hashem would tell him before he needs to ask. This is Mamash, to overcome Yisrael. Since he needed to ask Hashem, he is equal to Moshe; we do not know who will win

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