If Bil'am was a prophet, why did Hashem need to open his eyes to see an angel?


Ramban: This Pasuk is proof that he was not a prophet (who sees angels whenever he prophesies), 1 but a plain sorcerer 2 - who initially received the word of Hashem, 3 and who will shortly merit a 'vision of Shakai' 4


Ramban: And it is people who are not prophets, such as the servant of Elisha (in Melachim 2, 6:13) and Hagar (in Bereishis 21:19) who need their eyes to be opened to see angels.


Ramban: As the Pasuk describes him in Yehoshua, 13:22 - at his death


Ramban: See above, Pasuk 8.


Later in 4:16, all in honor of Yisrael. See Ramban, end of Dibur.

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