How did they kill Og?


Rashi (citing B'rachos 54b) and Targum Yonasan: Og uprooted a mountain three Parsa'os 1 (twelve Mil) 2 by three Parsa'os, the size of Machaneh Yisrael, with the intention of throwing it on them. Hashem brought ants to make a hole in it above his head, and the mountain came down upon his head surrounding his neck. He then made his teeth grow into it, thereby preventing him from casting it off. Moshe, who was ten Amos tall, then picked up an ax ten Amos long and jumped up ten Amos, struck Og on his ankle and killed him (Targum Yonasan - he fell and died). 3


Six Parsa'os, according to Targum Yonasan.


One Mil = two thousand Amos.


See Targum Yonasan.


Why is "Banav" spelled Chaser (without a 'Yud') rendering it singular?


Rosh (citing Bamidbar Rabah) 1 : Because he had a son who was harder [to defeat] than himself.


Minchas Shai: In our Seforim, it is written full, but in Devarim 2:33 (in connecton with Sichon), Rashi and others comment that "Banav" is Chaser.

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