Seeing as Yisrael were warned against taking the lands of both Amon and Mo'av, why does the Torah write "Ki Az G'vul B'nei Amon" and 'Ki Az G'vul B'nei Mo'av?


Oznayim la'Torah: Because the Lashon "Az G'vul" implies keeping away from their borders, 1 which did not apply to Moa'v, since Yisrael were permitted to harrass them, only not to conquer their land. 2


See Oznayim la'Torah.


Refer to Devarim, 2:9:1:1.


What are the connotations of "ve'Chol Benosehah"?


Rashi: It means 'And all the surrounding villages'.


Seforno: It means 'And all the minor towns of Sichon which were secondary to Cheshbon, which in turn, had always been his capital city, even before he defeated Mo'av.

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