Why does the Torah not tell us the name of the king of Edom, like it did with regard to the two kings of the Emori (Sichon and Og)?


Ramban: Because the Torah only mentions the names of those kings that are renowned for their might, to enable us to thank Hashem for His miracles in allowing us to conquer them. 1


Ramban: See Tehilim, 136:17-20. And so we find in connection withy the kings of Cana'an, where the Pasuk in Yehoshu'a (10:3 & 11:1) mentions the names of the particularly strong kings by name, whereas the others it lists without mentioning their names.


Why did Moshe insert the word "Achicha"?


Rashi: He reminded Edom (Eisav) that they were brothers 1 and that the initial decree that Hashem placed upon Avraham "Ki Ger Yih'yeh Zar'acaha 2 applied to both of them equally. 3


See also Ba'al ha'Turim on Pasuk 17.


Refer to 20:14:3:1.


And why did he refer to the hardships that Yisrael endured?


Rashi: To remind Edom that their grandfather Eisav had deliberately moved away, in order to avoid having to fulfill the necessary prerequisite of exile, before becoming a nation, placing the burden fairly and squarely upon the shoulders of Ya'akov.

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