Why did the three tribes that comprised Degel Machaneh Dan, (Dan, Asher and Naftali), encamp specifically in the north?


Ramban (on Pasuk 2): Hashem said to Moshe: Dan, should encamp in the north, whence darkness comes upon the world, because he is destined to spread darkness on the world with the Avodah-Zarah which Yerav'am will set up in Dan. 1 Next to him is the tribe of Asher to illuminate the darkness; 2 And next to him, Naftali, who is a Ba'al-Berachah. 3 They shall travel last, because whoever worships Avodah-Zarah is last and not first.'


Ramban: See Melachim 1, 12:29. And prior to that, with the image of Michah (See R. Chavel's footnotes).


Ramban: As the Torah writes in Devarim 33:24, "v'Tovel ba'Shemen Raglo".

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