Why did the three tribes that comprised Degel Machaneh Efrayim, (Efrayim, Menasheh and Binyamin), encamp specifically in the west?


Ramban (on Pasuk 2): Hashem said to Moshe: 'Efrayim, Menasheh and Binyamin, which represents strength, 1 should encamp in the west, corresponding to the storehouses of snow, of hail of cold and of heat which are in the west. The Shechinah is always in the west in the territory of Binyamin. 2 And strength is necessary for Torah and Teshuvah, in order to study Torah and to overcome one's Yeitzer ha'Ra'.


R. Chavel's footnotes: See Tehilim, 80:3. And it is only the strong who can stand against cold and heat.

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