Why can we not learn Kibus Begadim by the one who gathers the ashes of the Parah from the D'rashah in Pasuk 8?


Sifri: We do indeed learn it from there, and the current Pasuk teaches us that the one who gathers the ashes is even Tamei via Heset - it he moves without actually touching it.


Why does the Torah insert "Chukas Olam" here and in Pasuk 21 in connection with the the Eifer ha'Parah being Metamei?


Oznayim la'Torah: Because the uniquness of the Parah Adumah lies in the fact that it is Metamei even after it has turned into ashes, whereas by all other Tum'os, even that of Neveilah, once they become ashes, they are no longer Metamei. 1


Refer to 19:2:2:3.

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