What are the implications of "ba'Harimchem es Chelbo mimenu"?


Sifri: It is a warning to the Levi'im to separate T'rumas Ma'aser from the best of the crops.


Why does the Torah add the word "Mimenu"?


Oznayim la'Torah: Since, as opposed to the Yisrael, who can select what is grnuine 'Cheilev' from his crops, the Levi can only separate from what he receives from the Yisrael. The Torah therefore instructs him to give from the best of what he he receives, even if it is not resally 'Cheilev'.


In what respect is the Torah comparing the Ma'aser from which T'rumas Ma'aser has been taken to Tevu'as Goren and Tevu'as Yekev?


Rashi: It is permitting the Levi to eat it as regular Chulin, just as the Yisrael is allowed to eat his produce 1 after tithing it.


Rashi (in Rosh Hashanah, 12b): Grain and wine both fall under the heading of 'Tevu'ah'.


Why is it necessary to teach us that the Pasuk permits the Levi to eat his Ma'aser as Chulin?


Rashi: Because, since, in Pasuk 24, the Torah referred to it as Terumah, we would have thought that it remains forbidden to Zarim.

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