"u'Mishmeres Kol ha'Ohel". Why does the Mishkan need to be guarded?


Oznayim la'Torah(citing the commentaries at the befinning of Tamid): Due to the prestige of the Mishkan. (One canot compare a palace that is not guarded to one that is - Rambam). 1


See Oznayim la'Torah, who discusses the opinion of the commentaries who hold that the Mishkan had to be guarded day and night.


What is the definition of "K'lei ha'Kodesh" and "ha'Mizbe'ach" that is mentioned here?


Seforno: "Klei ha'Kodesh" refers to the three Keilim that are inside the Kodesh - the Menorah, the Shulchan and the Mizbach ha'Zahav - and the Mizbe'ach ha'Olah - even though it is outside the walls of the Mishkan.


In what respect is the Torah comparing the Levi'im to he Kohanim?


Arachin, 11a: It teaches us that the main Avodah of the Levi'im, like that of the Kohanim, concerns the Mizbe'ach = Shirah, which they performed whilst the Korban Tamid was being brought.

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