What are the connotations of "ve'Lo Yih'yeh che'Korach vecha'Adaso"?


Rashi: The sign on the Mizbe'ach shall serve as a remembrance ... in order that the sin of Korach and his congregation should not repeat itself.


Ramban #2 and Targum Yonasan: (No man shall be so arrogant as to dispute the Kehunah like Korach and his congregation, because ultimately - Targum Yonasan) he will be destroyed, though not like Korach and his band of followers - with fire or by being swallowed up under the earth. 1


Sanhedrin, 110a: This Pasuk teaches us that, anybody who upholds Machlokes transgresses a La'av.


Refer to 17:5:2:2.


What does the Torah mean when it writes "Ka'asher Diber be'Yad Moshe Lo"?


Rashi #1: He meant 'Like Hashem said to Moshe about 1 Aharon' - that he and his sons should be Kohanim. 2


Rashi #2 (citing Midrash) , Ramban #1 and Targum Yonasan: "be'Yad Moshe Lo" means concerning Korach


Rashi: Whenever the word Li, Lo or Lahem follows Dibur, it translates (not as 'to', but) as 'about'. .


Rashi: Which is why the Torah says here that no Zar, who is not from the seed of Aharon, may approach to bring the Ketores.


Rashi: Just as Moshe's hand was stricken in Egypt (See Sh'mos, 4:6). Indeed, that is what happened to King Uziyah who was stricken with Tzara'as on his forehead when he attempted to bring the Ketores - See Melachim, 26:19.

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