Why did Hashem confer the title of "ha'Resha'im ha'Eileh" upon Dasan and Aviram more that on the two hundred and fifty men?


Targum Yonasan: On account of the numerous times that they sinned since their youth. 1


Targum Yonasan: They were the ones who revealed to Par'oh that Moshe killed the Egyptian; they were the ones who angered Hashem by the Yam-Suf and they were the ones who desecrated Shabbos in Alush [by looking for Manna]. Refer also to Sh'mos, 5:20:1:2.


Why would anyone who was found in the vicinity of Korach, Dasan and Aviram or who touched anything belonging to them perish?


Ramban #1: The Pasuk needs to be inverted - with "Pen Tisafu ... " following "Suru Na me'Al ha'Anashim ha'Eileh", 1 and "ve'Al Tig'u ... ", as an independent warning not to attempt to take any of their possessions, which were Cherem, and therefore Asur be'Hana'ah, 2 and subject to Misah. 3


Ramban #2 (citing Ibn Ezra): Moshe meant that anybody lingering behind in order to salvage any of their belongings, would suffer the same fate as them. 4


Seforno: Because they were not worthy of being saved from the current plague.


Refer to 16:26: 2:2.


Oznayim la'Torah: As the Pasuk writes in Re'ei Devarim, 13:18 "ve'Lo Yidbak be'Yadcha Me'umah min ha'Cherem".


Oznayim la'Torah: Like Achan - See Yehoshua, chapter 7.


Ramban: Like Lot's wife (See Bereishis 19:26).

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