Having already instructed Korach and his congregation - in Pesukim 6 & 7, to take the pans ... , why does Moshe repeat it here?


Rashi (in Divrei Hayamim 2, 2:17): Moshe is simply carrying on where he left off, 1 since in between, other Pesukim interrupted the sequence.


Ramban #1 (citing Ibn Ezra): 'He already told them this earlier, only the Pasuk informs us that when Moshe instructed Korach to appear before Hashem, each man took his pan ... '.


Ramban #2: Initially, Moshe did not include Aharon, which he now did, when Korach did not answer him the first time. 2 And now Korach agreed, because, he figured, the fire will descend to burn the Ketores for Aharon and for all of them. Refer also to 16:17:2:1.


As if to say 'Let's get back to the point'.


Ramban: Presumably, because he did not agree to the test without Aharon's participation (See Ramban).


Why did Moshe see fit to insert the words "Chamishim u'Masayim Machtos", which he did not do in Pasuk 6?


Ramban: This is because after initially including Dasan and Aviram in the test, he now precluded them since they had declared "Lo Na'aleh". 1


Refer to 16:15:1:2.

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