To whom is "Atah va'Heim" referring?


Rashi: To "Adascha" mentioned earlier in the Pasuk.



Rashi writes that "va'Heim" refers to "Adascha" mentioned earlier in the Pasuk. Why is "Atah va'Heim" repeated?


Riva citing R"M of Kutzi: Because, initially, Moshe told only Korach and his congregation to go. Korach said that their complaint was only against Aharon and that they would go only if he goes too. Therefore Moshe replied 'you and they and Aharon!'


Gur Aryeh: You must offer at the same time as Aharon. If not, they could say that there are times when Hashem does miracles - had we offered at the same time as Aharon, also ours would have been accepted, or [others will say] had Aharon offered at the same time as them, also he would have been burned.


Sifsei Chachamim: Initially, Korach thought that Moshe would go with them. Korach said that he should not, since their complaint was only against Aharon. Moshe replied, you and them and Aharon.


Oznayim la'Torah #1: Because Moshe was now inviting them to a Din Torah with Hashem. Refer to 16:12:1.1:1*. 1


Oznayim la'Torah: Because, initially, Moshe did not include Aharon, since Korach agreed that Aharon too was Kadosh - in which case he did not need proof that he was worthy of the Kehunah Gedolah, since he already had a Chazakaah; whereas now that Dasan and Aviram claimed that everyting thst Moshe had done was invalid - including his choice of Aharon as Kohen Gadol, Aharon needed to be teted together with Korach's men. 2


See also Oznayim la'Torah DH 'Atah ve'Chol Adascha ... '#1.


See Oznayim la'Torah.

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