Why does the 'Beis" of "ba'Mageifah" with a 'Patach', in spite of the fact that it did not mention it earlier?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan: Because the punishment fitted the crime perfectly 1 and was absolutely appropriate: Worms emerged from their tongues and crawled into their navels (Rashi). 2


Seforno: The plague that the spies referred to - "Eretz Ocheles Yoshvehah hi!", now hit them, and they all died 3 simultaneously. 4


Rashi: Midah Keneged Midah, and that is why the Torah adds "Vayamusu lifnei Hashem".


According to Targum Yonasan, the worms emerged from their feces and ate up their tongues.


Seforno: Due to the bad air that enveloped them (Refer to 13:32:3:2).


Seforno: As opposed to the rest of the people, who died over the space of forty years.

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