What is the meaning of "ve'Orishenu"?


Rashi: It means "And I will drive them out!" 1


Seforno: It means 'And I will dispossess them' - and pass on the inheritance to their children. 2


Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan: It means 'And I will destroy them!'


The Gur Aryeh does not have the word 'ke'Targumo' in Rashi.


Seforno: Via 'Meisim Yorshim es ha'Chayim', so that the generation that left Egypt did not lose their portion in Eretz Yisrael - in keeping with the Pasuk in Shemos, 6:8 "Venasati Osah Lachem Morashah" (See Torah Temimah on Bamidbar 26:55, DH "li'Shemos Matos Avosam").


Why did Hashem need to inform Moshe that He would make him into a great nation?


Rashi: This was necessary to avoid the question what would happen to the promise that Hashem made to the Avos. 1


The question arises however, why this was necessary - seeing as the children below the age of twenty were not punishable and there was no reason to kill the tribe of Levi - who had not sinned.

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