What is the significance of the Torah's description of the Manna to coriander seeds and to crystal?


Rashi: The Manna was (pleasantly) round like a coriander seed and sparkled like crystal.


In what way do the current Pesukim constitute a complaint?


Rashi: Although the previous Pasuk presents the people's complaint against the Manna, the current Pesukim come to present Hashem's answer to the complaint - and it goes on to describe the beautiful appearance of the Manna and its other positive qualities 1 - When it came down it was round (or white), 2 and when it was ready to eat (or when it turned hard), it sparkled like crystal (Targum Yonasan).


Rashbam: They constitute a complaint, inasmuch as they describe the physical features of the Manna - hard and dry, rendering it inedible, like dry wheat. 3


Rashi: To show the world the futility of His children's grumblings. See also Targum Yonasan.


See Na'ar Yonasan.


Rashbam: Refer also to 11:6:1:2. And the following Pesukim attribute Hashem's anger, by describing the transformation that took place once the Manna had been ground in the mill or pounded in a mortar (Refer to 11:8:5:2).

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