Why are the Shevatim listed here (when it names the Nesi'im) according to birth, but in the Degalim and in the census, Gad is after Shimon?


Riva: Reuven is listed first, for he was the Bechor, and Shimon was after him. Gad was the Bechor or Leah's Shifchah, and his inheritance was with Reuven (in Ever ha'Yarden). However, Menasheh was not with them, for only half the Shevet was in Ever ha'Yarden, It is better that Menasheh be with Bnei Rachel in one Degel (R. Tam of Orlins)


Moshav Zekenim citing R. Avraham: In the Degalim, Gad is put among Bnei Leah to equate the sons of the Shefachos to the sons of the Imahos. 1


The census is according to the Degalim, just the census begins with Degel Reuven, and normally Yehudah is the first Degel (PF). Refer to 1:20:1:2.

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