Why were the tribe of Levi not counted together with the other tribes?


Rashi #1: Because it is correct for the king's legion to be counted independently.


Rashi #2: Because Hashem foresaw that all those who were counted from twenty years and upwards were destined to die in the desert, so He precluded the Levi'im from that counting, 1 because, since they did not sin by the Eigel, they belonged to Him.


Rashbam: Because they were not conscripted to go to the army like the other tribes. 2


Seforno: Firstly, because they were not counted like all the other tribes; 3 Secondly, because they were singled out to perform the holy work in the Mishkan, and thirdly, because they alone, encamped around the Mishkan. 4


And ordered them to be counted from the age of thirty.


Refer to 1:45:2:3.


Seforno: Inasmuch as a. they were counted from the age of twenty, and not thirty; b. Because they were not included in the total number of people.


Seforno: As the current Pesukim clearly indicate.

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