Why does the Torah add the word "Pekudav" by the tribe o Shimon?


Rabeinu Bachye: It is a Lashon of 'Pekidas Avon' - Hashem visited upon the tribe the sin of Shimon their founding-father (who actually took hold of Yosef and cast him into the pit), 1 which explains why a sort of curse hovers over them and why consequently, by the time of the second census, their numbers are destined to be reduced by half. 2


And whose Nasi Sh'lumiel ben Tzurishaday - alias Zimri ben Salu, together with the rest of the tribe, sinned again by Ba'al Pe'or.


See Bamidbar 26:14. See also R. Chavel's footnotes (citing Pesikta Zutr'sa), who therefore explains "Pekudav" as 'missing' (as in Shmuel 1, 18:20 - "Vayipaked M'kom David"). See also Ba'al ha'Turim - though he is not discussing the word "Pekudav".


Why is "li'Vnei" repeated


Moshav Zekenim: This teaches that Yosef was worthy to be among the Degalim, just since he did not carry his father's bier due to his honor (he was king), his sons became Degalim in place of him.

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