Why does the Torah add the word "Pekudav" by the tribe o Shimon?


Rabeinu Bachye: It is a Lashon of 'Pekidas Avon' - Hashem visited upon the tribe the sin of Shimon their founding-father (who actually took hold of Yosef and cast him into the pit), 1 which explains why a sort of curse hovers over them and why consequently, by the time of the second census, their numbers are destined to be reduced by half. 2


And whose Nasi Sh'lumiel ben Tzurishaday - alias Zimri ben Salu, together with the rest of the tribe, sinned again by Ba'al Pe'or.


See Bamidbar 26:14. See also R. Chavel's footnotes (citing Pesikta Zutr'sa), who therefore explains "Pekudav" as 'missing' (as in Shmuel 1, 18:20 - "Vayipaked M'kom David"). See also Ba'al ha'Turim - though he is not discussing the word "Pekudav".

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