Why does the Torah record the waving of the Chazos and the Shok ha'Yamin only after the burning of the Chalavim in the previous Pasuk?


Ha'amek Davar: Not having yet 1 been informed by Moshe to perform the Tenufah on the Shok, he did not perform it until after the Chalavim had been burned. In fact, the ox and the ram were waved and brought on the Mizbe'ach independently together with their respective calves; whereas for some reason, the two Chazos, which Aharon only waved together with the Shok after the Chalavim were burned, were waved and burned simultaneously. 2


See Pasuk 15. See also Ha'amek Davar who elaborates.


Many questions remain however, including (a) Why did Aharon decide to wave the Chazos and the Shok after burning the Chalavim? (b) Why is the burning of the Chazos mentioned together with the Chalavim in Pasuk 20?

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