What does "Vaya'asehah ka'Mishpat" mean?


Rashi: He brought the Olah in accordance with the Din of an Olas Nedavah, as prescribed at the beginning of Vayikra. 1


Seforno and Targum Yonasan: He brought the people's Olah in the same way 2 as he brought his own Olah. 3


See Sifsei Chachamim.


Inasmuch as his sons sprinkled the blood, arranged the pieces on the Mizbe'ach and burnt them (Seforno). This is difficult however, since the Pasuk stated that Aharon burnt them (See Vayikra 9:13. See also Vayikra 9:18). 3

See Peirush Yonasan.

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