Seeing as the Par is burnt in its entirety, from where do we know that the insides, the sinews, the horns and the hoofs were included?


Ramban #1: They are included in the word "ha'Par"


Ramban #2: The four extra "Vavin" in "ve'es ha'Par, ve'es Oro, ve'es Besaro ve'es Pirsho" come to include them. 1


Like we find in Bamidbar 19:5 (Ramban).


Since when is a Chatas Chitzonah (whose blood is sprinkled on the outer Mizbe'ach) entirely burnt?


Rashi (in Vayikra 9:11): The only cases of a Chatas Chitzonah being entirely burnet are the Eil ha'Milu'im (here) and the calf of Aharon's Chatas on the eighth day of the Milu'im.

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