What does the Pasuk mean when it writes "min ha'Beheimah asher Yakriv mimenu Isheh la'Hashem"?


Ramban, Rashbam and Targum Yonasan: It means 'from the species that are eligible for Korbanos. 1


It cannot mean that only the Cheilev of Kodshim is Asur, since it already forbade, unconditionally, all Cheilev in Vayikra (3:17), even adding "be'chol Moshvoseichem" there (which the Torah never mentions in connection with Kodshim (See Ramban]). Moreover, the words themselves (which Targum Onkelos translates literally) imply 'Chulin animals from which one can bring a Korban ... ' (Ramban). See also the final piece of Ramban on this Pasuk.

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