Why does the Torah compare the Emurim of the Chatas Par Mashi'ach to those of the Shelamim - seeing as the Torah does not omit any of them here?


Rashi: To teach us (a) that like those of the Shelamim, they must be sacrificed Lishman, and (b) that, like the Shelamim, they bring Shalom to the world.


Rashi (citing Zevachim 49b): We learn from here that in Kodshim, we do not learn Hekesh from Hekesh. 1


Riva: We learn Se'irei Avodah Zarah from Par Kohen Mashi'ach. Had the Torah not written the Eimurim here, rather, we learned from Shelamim, we would not be able to learn through a second Hekesh to Se'irei Avodah Zarah. However, the Torah needed to equate it to teach that we do not learn Hekesh from Hekesh. If so, there is no source for Rashi's first Perush (refer to 4:10:1:1)!

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