Why does it say "v'Samach Es Yado"? Regarding cattle (verse 2), it says "v'Samach Yado"!


Moshav Zekenim (1), Ba'al ha'Turim (2): Cattle are strong, so one can do Semichah and press with all one's strength. Tzon are not so strong, so one presses softly. 1


Daf Al ha'Daf (Zevachim 33a): Our Gemara discusses a lamb, and obligates Semichah with all one's strength! It seems that the Rambam rules unlike our Gemara. Some say that Kol Kocho does not mean that he leans all his weight on it.


Why does it say "Damo"? Regarding cattle (verse 2), it says "ha'Dam"!


Refer to 1:5:5:2.

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