What are the ramifications of the statement "v'Chol Erk'cha Yih'yeh b'Shekel ha'Kodesh"?


Rashi: It means that wherever the Torah mentions 'Shekalim' in the current Parshiyos, it means a Shekel ha'Kodesh - a Sela, which is equivalent to two Shekalim.


Torah Temimah (citing Erchin, 7b): It means that the minimum assessment in the current Parshiyos is one Shekel ha'Kodesh. 1


Torah Temimah: If for example, a poor man cannot afford to pay Hekdash the Erech of the person whose Erech he declared, then the minimum that the Kohen assesses him for is a Shekel ha'Kodesh (See Torah Temimah).


How much is twenty Geirah?


Rashi: Twenty Geirah is equivalent to twenty Ma'ah. 1


Which is a better-known name for the same coin. Rashi (citing Bechoros, 50a): The Chachamim added a sixth to its value and stated that six silver Ma'os equals one Dinar - in which case a Sela equals twenty-four Ma'os.

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