What are the two current Pesukim (11& 12) coming to teach us?


Rashi, Ramban #2 (in Pasuk 27, citing Temurah, 32b), Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan: Still with reference to a Ba'al-Mum, 1 the Torah is teaching us that a Kodshim Ba'al-Mum cannot be redeemed (to go out to Chulin) unless it obtains a blemish and is assessed by the Kohen.


Ramban #2: It is coming to teach us that if someone declares Hekdesh a non-Kasher animal, it must be assessed by the Gizbar and its value given to Bedek ha'Bayis.


Rashi: Which the Torah calls 'Teme'ah', because a Kodshim animal that is a Ba'al-Mum may not be eaten.


What are the implications of the words "Vehe'emid ha'Beheimah ... "?


Rashi (Shevu'os, 11b): It implies that animal must stand 1 on its four legs whist it is being assessed.


Refer to 27:8:3:1.

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