Who is "ve'Gam mi'Benei ha'Toshavim" coming to include?


Rashi: It includes the children of men from the surrounding nations who married Cana'ani women, 1 since the child's status follows that of his father. 2


Targum Onkelos and Yonasan: It includes uncircumcised sojourners who come from other countries to live in Eretz Yisrael.


Targum Yonasan learns this from the next word "umi'Mishpachtam" (See Na'ar Yonasan).


See Torah Temimah, note 227.


What are the implications of th words "Asher Holidu be'Artz'chem"?


Yevamos, 78b: It implies that one may only purchase as Avadim the children of other nations who marry Cana'aniyos and who are born in your land, but not the children of Cana'ani men who marry the women of other nations and who come to sojourn in your land. 1


See Torah Temimah, note 228.

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