What is the definition of "Avodas Eved"?


Rashi: It means demeaning tasks that show him up as an Eved


What sort of a Eved Ivri is the Pasuk talking about?


Rashi (in Mishpatim): It is talking about an Eved who sold himself for funds. 1


Refer to 21:2:3:1.


Rashi writes that one may not make an Eved Ivri do demeaning tasks. We do so to our Jewish servants!


Moshav Zekenim: The Mechilta permits if the slave is used to doing them; we rely on this. Kesuvos 96a says that a Talmid serve his Rebbi like a slave serves his master, except for putting on his shoes, and washing his hands, feet and face, and even these are permitted if it is known that he is his Rebbi.

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