What is the definition of a 'Sadeh Migrash':


Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan: It is the open area 1 surrounding the town.


Measuring three thousand Amah Amos.


What is the Torah adding here that is not included in the previous Pasuk?


Targum Onkelos and Targum Yonasan: It is incorporating the open area surrounding the towms of the Levi'im in the Din of Batei Arei ha'Levi'im.


Rashi #1: The Torah is teaching us here, that, if the treasurer of Hekdesh sells a field that a Levi declared Hekdesh, it reverts to the Levi in the Yovel. 1


Rashi #2 (in Rosh Hashanah, 29a): Even a house in a walled town, which does not revert to a Yisrael in the Yovel, reverts to a Levi.


Erchin, 33a: It is prohibitting the conversion of field or a town of the Lei'im into a Migrash or vice-versa. 2


Rashi: And does not go to the Kohanim, like the field of a Yisrael, as the Pasuk states in Bechukosai, 27:20.


Erchin (Ibid.): Since "Lo Yimacher" which cannot be taken literally, must mean 'caanot be changed. See Torah Temimah, note 179.

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