What is the meaning of the "va'Asher Yig'al min ha'Leviyim v'Yatza


Rashi: Here, "Yig'al" is a purchase. If one buys a house from a Levi, it reverts to the Levi in the Yovel. 1


Rashi (from Erchin, 33a): Even if a Levi bought a Levi's house or field, the seller may redeem it whenever he wishes. 2 If he did not redeem it, it reverts to him in Yovel.


Ramban, Moshav Zekenim: This clarifies the previous Pasuk "Ge'ulas Olam Tihyeh la'Leviyim." It teaches that the seller himself or a relative may redeem the field or the house from the purchaser, It was sold until the Yovel; the redemption is based on the calculation of how many years have passed. 3


Ramban, Moshav Zekenim (both citing Erchin, 33a): "Va'Asher Yig'al min ha'Leviyim" refers to a Levi who comes to buy what his relative sold, It reverts to the initial seller in Yovel. 4


Rashbam: "Va'Asher Yig'al min ha'Leviyim" refers to a Levi who wants to redeem his property, 5 and the Torah is teaching us that if he does not possess the means to do so, it reverts to him anyway in the Yovel. 6


Rashi (in Rosh Hashanah, 29a): Even Batei Arei Chomah, which in the equivalent case of a Yisrael, remain with the buyer (.


Rashi: As opposed to the house of a Yisrael in a walled town, which the purchaser may retain after one year.


Refer to 25:27:1:1.


Ramban: The custom for a close relative to buy what his relative sold is called Ge'ulah, like we find in Yirmiyah, 32:7 and in Rus 4:4, regarding Bo'az. The Torah did not teach so about a single sale, for "Ge'ulas Olam" gives to all rights of a Yisrael, and more. Perhaps a Levi may not sell his inheritance to a Yisrael.


Rashbam: In keeping with the previous Pasuk.


Refer to 25:33:1:1*.


Why, if a Levi sells a house is the law different that if a Yisrael sells one?


Rashi: Because the Leviyim do not have a possession of fields and vineyards like Yisrael, only towns with their open spaces. 1 Therefore the Torah gives their houses the law of fields, to redeem at all times, 2 to ensure that their inheritance remains intact.


See Bamidbar 35:2, 3.


And to revert to the seller in the Yovel (See Sifsei Chachamim).

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