Which three years is the Pasuk referring to?


Rashim Ramban #1 (reciting the Sifra) and Targum Yonasan (on Pasuk 23): It refers to the sixth, seventh and eighth years 1 of the Sh'mitah cycle. 2


Ramban #2 (citing a second opinion in the Sifra): It refers to the seventh, the Yovel and the year after the Yovel. 3


Rashi: In fact, it refers to the sixth year, from Nisan until Rosh Hashanah and the entire seventh and eighth years. They will then plant in Marcheshvan of the eighth year and harvest in Nisan, gather it in from the fields in Tishrei of the ninth year and plant afresh in Marcheshvan of the ninth year - as the Pasuk goes on to explain.


And it is beccause the Torah refers to this as three years that the Gemara in Rosh Hashanah Darshens "li'Shelosh" as if it ha written 'li'Shelish'


Why does the Torah add the word "Vetzivisi es Birchasi Lachem"?


Oznayin la'Torah: preclude from the blessing either all other countries 1 or land that is owned by Nochrim and by people who till the land during the Sh'mitah year.


See Oznayin la'Torah.

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