How much frankincense accompanied the Lechem ha'Panim?


Rashi: Two bowls of frankincense accompanied the Lechem ha'Panim, one small bowl-full for each row of loaves. Moreover, their burning permits the Kohanim to eat the loaves. 1


Rashi in Zevachim, 63a


What does the Torah mean when it writes that the frankincense is to serve as 'a remembrance' for the loaves?


Rashi #1: It means that, since the loaves are entirely eaten by the Kohanim, the frankincense is burned on the Mizbe'ach to represent them. 1


Rashi #2 (in Yeshayah): "Azkarah" is an expression of 'Haktarah'.


Rashi #3 (in Zeachim, 63a): It means that it will serve sas the memorial portion, to permit the loaves to be eaten, in the same way as the Kometz permite the remainder of the Minchah. 2


Like the blood and the fat-pieces of a Korban represent the body of the animal, which is eaten, either by the Kohanim or by the owner.


Rashi: In fact, their removal from the Shulchan in the Heichal is the equivalent of the Kemitzah of those Menachos that require Kemitzah. Rashi (in Pesachim, 58a): The removal, which took place on Shabbos

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