How will we reconcile this Pasuk with the Halachah permitting Nochrim to bring Ba'alei-Mumin, as long as no limb is missing?


Rashi: The Halachah is referring to offering a Ba'al-Mum on a Bamah; whereas this Pasuk forbids bringing it on the Mizbe'ach.


Moshav Zekenim (citing Toras Kohanim): This verse forbids accepting Shekalim (used to buy Korbanos Tzibur) from Nochrim.


What are the connotations of "ki Moshchasam bahem Mum bam"?


Seforno: to explain why one may not accept even castrated animals from Nochrim 1 - because Sirus detracts from the perfection of the animal, which Hashem created with the intention of procreating.


Seforno: Even though Sirus is a hidden blemish, and the reason of "Hakrivehu Na l'Fechasecha" is not applicable to them.

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