Why does the Torah add another La'av to the previous one?


Torah Temimah (citing the Toras Kohanim): To include all the Korbanos 1 and all the Avodos in the prohibition. 2


Toras Kohanim: Such as the Emurim, the Kometz and the Levonah, the Ketores, the Minchas Kohanim, the Kohen Mashi'ach and the Minchas Nesachim.


Toras Kohanim: Such as the Yetzikos, the Belilos and the Tenufos, the Hagashos, the Kemitzos, the Pesisos, the Melichos, the Melikos and the Kabalos. The Toras Kohanim learns the Avodas ha'Dam from "Lo Yikrav" in Pasuk 17.


What is the significance of "Kol Ish" that is repeated here?


Torah Temimah (citing the Toras Kohanim): It comes to include a Kohen whose skin is black, red or white (albino), a giant, someone who is tall and lanky, a dwarf, a Cheresh, a Shotah and one who is Shikor in the prohibition.


Why does the Torah repeat "Kol asher bo Mum"?


Rashi: To forbid a Kohen with other (Sifsei Chachamim - temporary) blemishes from serving. This is when "Mum Bo", but if it went away, he is permitted.


Why does it insert "mi'Zera Aharon"?


Torah Temimah (citing Bechoros, 43a): To include a Kohen with one of an array of misshapen heads and a hunch-back in the prohibition.

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