Why is the animal put to death? What did it do wrong?


Rashi : Because man sinned on account of it 1 - how much more so will a person, who possesses intelligence, be taken to task for causing others to sin.


Rashi (Bamidbar 22:33): Because Hashem takes pity on the dignity of human-beings. People should not say, this is the animal with which Ploni sinned.


Rashi: And it is by the same token that the Torah later (Devarim 12:2), orders all the trees that the Cana'anim worshipped to be cut down, even though the trees can neither see nor hear - how much more someone who turns his fellow-Jew away from the path of life to the path of death.


If the sinner is killed by stoning, how is the animal put to death?


Targum Yonasan: By beating it with a club.

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