What are the implications of the words "be'Yom Zivchachem Ye'achel"?


Rashi (in Yoma, 27b): It implies that the Shechitah of a Korban may only be performed by day but is Pasul by night.


Moshav Zekenim (5): When you slaughter your Yetzer ha'Ra, to make peace between you and Hashem, you will eat the Peros today (in this world, and the principal will be intact for you tomorrow, in the world to come). 1


Moshav Zekenim: "Veha'Nosar Ad Yom ha'Shelishi" - one who will not repent when comes "ba'Yom ha'Shelishi Yekimenu" (Hoshe'a 6:2), "ba'Esh Yisaref" (the fire of Gehinom will consume him) "Pigul Hu Lo Yeratzeh" (Gehinom will finish, and his Neshamah will not finish, rather, it will be ashes under the feet of Tzadikim). "V'Ochlav Avono Yisa" - also Ruchos and Shedim that harmed, will be punished. Even the angels are judged on the great day of judgment!

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