What is the connection between this Pasuk and the previous one?


Seforno: After warning about honoring the upper strata of society, the Torah warns against denigrating the lower segment of the people.


Moshav Zekenim citing the Rosh: Just like I command you to honor a Zaken because he is weak, so I command you not to afflict a convert, for he is weak in your land. 1


Moshav Zekenim: It is to teach [that one must stand] even for an old Nochri. 2


I.e. he did not inherit land here, and he does not have family to support him. (PF)


I.e. it is no Chidush that one must stand even for an old convert. Therefore, since they were taught together, we learn even for an old Nochri. (PF)


What is the Mitzvah of "Lo Sonu"? What does it entail?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan: It refers to Ona'as Devarim - hurting a Ger verbally. 1 One should not, for example, say to him that yesterday he worshipped idols and now he is coming to study the Torah that was given by the Almighty!


Sifsei Chachamim: Since another verse (25:14) forbids monetary Ona'ah, this verse discusses verbal Ona'ah.

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