Why does the Torah see fit to add another Pasuk concerning a sister?


Rashi: To preclude the daughter of his father from a Shifchah Cana'anis and from a Nochris from the Din of "Moledes Chutz", 1 since Kidushin does not take effect . 2


Ramban #1: It comes to teach us 3 that a sister born to his father from a woman to whom his father is not married is forbidden too. 4


Ramban #2 (citing Yevamos, 22b): To teach us that someone who transgresses be'Shogeg, and has relations with his sister who is also the daughter of his father's wife who is not his mother transgresses two La'avin. 5 ).


Refer to 18:9:2:1.


And who does not therefore fall under the category of "bas Eishes Avichah". Refer also to 18:9:2:2*.


Bearing in mind the distinction that the Pasuk made earlier with regard to his mother's daughter (Refer to 18:9:2:3).


Despite the fact that one is not sure that it is his father's daughter, and despite the fact that a Nochri is permitted to marry his paternal sister (Ramban).


And is therefore Chayav to bring two Chata'os.

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