What do Pesukim 8 and 9 add that was not taught above?


Rashi and Ramban (on Pasuk 2): It is adding a Lav against burning the limbs of the Korban to that of slaughtering it, on a Bamah outside the Azarah. 1


See Sifsei Chachamim. Refer also to 17:3:2:1, 17:3:2:2.


Why does the Torah write "Ish Ish" here?


Torah Temimah (citing Zevachim): To teach us that, if two people burn the limbs of the Korban on a Bamah, they are both Chayav.


Targum Yonasan: Refer to 17:3:1:2*.


Why does the Torah mention a Ger here, and in verse 10?


Ibn Ezra (7), Moshav Zekenim: Yisrael may not let him serve idolatry. Also blood is forbidden, for it is the Nefesh. Parshah Shechutei Chutz did not mention a Ger, for only Yisrael bring Zevachim and Olos. 1


Karnei Ohr understands that 'Ger' is a convert. I disagree. Bamidbar 15:13 teaches that Gerim are just like Yisrael for Nechasim that accompany Korbanos! Rather, it is a Ger Toshav. Even Bnei Noach are forbidden idolatry and Ever Min ha'Chai. The Torah forbids blood like Ever Min ha'Chai. (PF) Also refer to 17:15:151:2 and the note there.

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