What is the significance of the triple description of sin "Avonos Bnei Yisrael... Pish'eihem


Torah Temimah (note 95): They refer to sins performed for pleasure, rebellion, and b'Shogeg, respectively. 1


Sifsei Chachamim: Though the order, according to the Chachamim of R. Meir, is Chata'im, Avonos, Pesha'im.


Why does the Torah write "Venasan osam al Rosh ha'Sa'ir", an expression that it does not use by the Semichah of any other Korban?


Ramban: This is because, unlike all the Korbanos, the Sa'ir la'Azazel comes neither to appease nor to atone, but rather to take away Yisrael's sins against its will (as it were), 1 leave them free of sin. 2


'Onah Amen Ba'al-Korcho' (Ramban citing Shabbos, 119b).


And this explains why the red thread, part of which was tied around a rock, and part around the horns of the goat (See Yoma, 67a) turned white the moment the goat was pushed off the cliff (Ramban).


What is the significance of the 'prepared man' who took the Sa'ir la'Azazel out to the desert?


Rashi: He had to be designated the day before Yom Kipur. 1


Seforno: He was a man who was well-acquainted with the roads and deserts, and was readily available to travel to any point to which he was sent.


Se Sifsei Chachamim.

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