Seeing as all appearances of white appear lower than the skin, what does the Torah mean when it writes "ve'Amok Ein Mar'ehu min ha'Or"?


Rashi: is baffled by this statement.


Ramban: The Baheres only appears deeper than the skin when white or yellow hairs appears in it, but not when the hairs are black. 1


Seforno: It is speaking where the skin is also more white than usual.


Rashbam: It is speaking where the Nega is less white than any of the four Mar'os Nega'im that render him a Metzora. 2


Targum Yonasan: It is speaking where the Nega is white like lime (the Toldah of Baheres) but not like the Baheres itself. 3


Because then, it does appear lower than the skin - just like a dark spot that appears in an area on which the sun is shining (Refer to 13:3:2:1).


However, it is not then clear why the Tzaru'a even needs to be locked up?


Refer to 13:2:4:1*.


What is the point in locking up the Tzar'ua?


Rashi: By locking him up in one location and not seeing the Nega for a week, any change will show up clearly when the Kohen sees him the next time.

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